The Art of Aging Well

At one point in our lives, we start getting old, it happens to all of us. The aging process is, of course, inevitable. Some people practice habits that help them age while feeling and looking fabulous. Aging is not only determined by how many wrinkles and creases you have but also by how you feel inside and out.

Here are some tips on how you can age beautifully all while feeling amazing in your skin!

1. Wear Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen every single day, rain or shine. Sunscreen is going to be your best friend in preventing premature aging because it blocks the sun’s rays that are known to cause wrinkles. If you’re wondering when to start applying sunscreen as part of your routine, the sooner the better.

2. Reduce stress

Yes, some stress in your life is inevitable and normal, but try to not get stressed about things you can’t control- like someone cutting you off in traffic. Try to relieve stress by doing more things you enjoy, meditating, journaling and recharging your batteries regularly, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Extra stress can over time contribute to serious health problems, and it’s bad news for your aging process as well. High levels of cortisol which are caused by stress break down your skin causing sagging and wrinkles.  

3. Cut down your sugar intake

Sugar is a major cause of inflammation in many people’s bodies, and inflammation can bring a whole set of problems you don’t need. Good sugars = natural, good energy. Bad sugars = sugar crashes and premature aging.

Opt for natural sugars or honey and try to limit your processed sugar intake to just a few times a week. Not only will you look graceful at every age, you will also feel years younger than you are.

4. Embrace the changes in your body

Aging is inevitable, and it can be a beautiful process that many people have been conditioned to fear. The fact of the matter is that you will age, and its up to you how to embrace your body always. You can either worry about it, or you can simply enjoy the fact that you’ve been given the opportunity to live another year. An opportunity that many people will not get to experience.

5. Exercise daily

When we exercise, our muscles get stronger and sometimes bigger. This muscle gain is one contributor to increased metabolism. As an important part of long-term health, exercise—especially weight-bearing exercise—stimulates our bodies to make stronger and denser bones. Exercise or lack thereof is a bigger determinant of loss of bone density.

6. Learn a skill

Learning and having an active mind in creativity takes the cake when it comes to having longevity in life. Having a sharp brain strengthens personal development and keeps the brain both healthy and young. Additionally, an active brain is essential to age slowly, so continually read and/or listen to podcasts to learn even more.

So, how about you? Reading about aging well and committing to actually living out the day-to-day actions are two very different things. I hope you have found some inspiration and motivation to give yourself the gift of healthy, natural aging. You’re worth it!

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